bill hamilton roofing is proud to bring roof systems into the 21st Century. Many older homes have  traditional tar and gravel roofs which have outperformed their useful life.  Owners are now looking towards a “green” focus and ways to cut costs on heating and air conditioning expenses. By modernizing traditional tar and gravel roofs with single-ply cool roof systems, HVAC expenses are dramatically reduced with improved insulation.

The IB Roof System is an advanced, high-quality Title 24 compliant Cool Roof System with a 90% reflective surface. IB PVC roof systems are the most cost effective and can last up to three times longer than most conventional flat roof systems.

Here we have an example of a before and after where the homeowner replaced their tar and gravel roof with IB Roof Systems.

Here is an example of before and after where the homeowner replaced their outdated bitumen modified torch down roof with IB Roof System.


bill hamilton roofing is proud to be considered a member of the “President’s Club” of IB Roof Systems for having installed over 1 million square feet of their product.  If you are looking to replace your outdated roof, give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have about flat roofing.