Are you about to repair or install a new roofing system?  Here are some tips to prepare you for your upcoming construction project.  

Thanks to the folks at IB Roof Systems for putting together this helpful information.

Roofing your property is a big undertaking and requires some planning. The contractor and the foreman will be the ones you need to talk to answer questions and help the project go smoothly. Here are a few things to keep in mind as your project is on the way.

Traffic: If you are having the roof torn off, the contractor will probably place a rather big dumpster close to your house in which to throw the existing roofing into. There may be a few vehicles parked by your house and maybe your neighbors as well. If you are going to need your car during the day it may be a good idea to park it outside on the street so you don’t find yourself blocked in. It might be a good idea to tell your neighbors of the upcoming project and how long the project is estimated to take.

Noise: During the roofing process, as with any roofing project, you can expect to have noise inside the house and out. If you are having the roof torn off, the roofing crew will use saws, pry bars and other tear-off tools to prepare the substrate for your new roof system. If your project does not require any tear off, the noise should be limited somewhat.

Broken Pictures: There can be quite a bit of vibration in the house when the crew moves the roofing material around or if any carpentry work and hammering is required. It is a good idea to remove any large or expensive mirrors and pictures from your walls to avoid them falling and becoming damaged. If you have heavy ceiling fans or chandeliers you may want to take those down as well. If you ask the contractor, he/she will usually help take these items down to avoid replacing expensive items.

Debris: There will be some debris with any roofing project. The most debris will occur with a tear-off situation. It is not uncommon for the debris to fall into flower beds and other shrubs. If you have some delicate plants you need to point these out to the contractor so proper precautions can be made.

Damaged Landscaping: Sometimes roofing access can’t be obtained by the driveway and the only way to load the roof with materials and equipment is to gain access across your lawn. This is where you need to work with your contractor to find ways to minimize the chance of damage to you lawn without raising the cost of your project. Most contractors don’t mind working with you to accomplish this.